Data Transfer

Data Transfer


Let us help move you


No matter the reason that you are replacing your hard drive or your entire computer, Discovery Computers can help you move your data onto your new media.

Often people think that when they are replacing hardware, that they are losing where their valuable documents are stored.  If your hard drive is crashed, you may not have access to your data, but Discovery Computers may still be able to get it back!  When purchasing a new laptop we can help make sure that you get all of your new documents onto your new computer.

Often people believe that they have retrieved all of their documents, especially with Office, but there are often hidden or obscure directories that you are not aware of.  We can even create an exact duplicate of your hard drive that you can install in your new computer and nothing has been lost!  Then we will ensure that the new hardware has been registered and your new system is ready to go.

If you have an external hard drive that you need data transferred onto or back onto your computer, we can help with that. Don’t currently have one?  We can also help.

Call us today at 250-382-0424 and let us know how we can help!