Computer Repair

Computer Repair



We repair, upgrade, and maintain all versions of Windows

Slow, freezing, acting weird, won’t start, error messages, black screen, icons missing, dll errors, programs won’t open, crashes, Windows update errors, the dreaded blue screen of death, the list goes on.  No matter what is happening on your computer, we can fix it!

There is nothing more frustrating when your technology lets you down.  We understand that at times, this is your ability to do your school work, small business work, communicate with friends and family, play games, shop, bank, read the news, watch TV or movies or spend any part of your day doing what you want to do!  When you no longer have that connection or it isn’t working right, it’s a hassle.  Let us resolve that for you.

There can be many reasons why your computer starts acting up and it takes a professional to take a look at it “under the hood” to see what is really going on.  Don’t be fooled by a phone call telling you that you are sending out viruses, that is FAKE!!!  Do not fall for a popup that tells you that you have a virus, they are going to charge you a lot of money for remote assistance services that “fix” problems you do not have.  Those are scams, people looking for your money when you need solutions.

Bring your computer to Discovery Computers for Computer Repair and let us know what has been going on.  We will do our best to get it working again and back into your hands as quickly as possible.

Discovery Computers can order, replace, and upgrade most hardware and software for your PC.

We offer full Windows installations – with or without original software. We install Windows, including all available updates, hardware drivers found, and software programs you provide.  Drivers allow Windows and other software to interact with hardware such as video, sound, network and modem.  If you don’t have the CD driver, we will download and install any available driver on-line.  We know from years of installing Windows which software and updates you need. We install any software you provide together with other programs and updates we know about.

To keep your system in good operating order, we offer computer vent, fan, heatsink, and component cleaning. Dirt and dust particles are the cause of component overheating, chip burnout and drive malfunction. Cleaning allows proper air circulation and decreases permanent damage like valuable data loss.

If you can’t get to our location, we can come to you!  We offer mobile service to fix your computer in the comfort of your own home for anything other than hardware repairs,  all hardware repairs are done in the office.  If your computer needs to be taken there, we will take it with us and return it to you.  On-site labour is $90/hr.

Many software and configuration issues are easy to fix and can be done in the comfort of your own home by one of our friendly mobile techs.

Hardware and software issues that we prefer to fix at your location include internet and email connectivity, router and modem issues, cabling, printer and scanner glitches, and server and network configurations.  Service to your location can be provided within 24 hours.

Spyware, virus, operating system re-installations, and data-handling can be time-consuming, so it can be more effective for the technicians to address these issues at our office and we will always alert you to these cost-saving options.   If you prefer we do the work at our office but are short on time, we also offer a pickup and drop off service for our clients.

Pick up and drop off service is available in some locations, call us at 250-382-0424 or Contact Us to see if we can provide that service to you.