About Discovery Computers

For 20 years, Discovery Computers has been supporting Victoria with their computer service and support needs. We’ve moved into the neighbourhood to continue to keep that same level of service and support without disappearing under the competition of the big box stores that sell you electronics beyond what you came for and services you didn’t need. We promise to be honest with you 100% of the time.  If you don’t need it, we won’t sell it to you. If it is too broken, we won’t charge you to fix it so it will break again only to bring it back.  We won’t charge you for more money than what we actually spend working on your computer.

Come see why supporting local business is the better choice for all of us.

Current Offers

We know that technology can let us down and that it isn’t always affordable to fix it. There is a lot of competition for your dollar and we want to help make your choice easier on your pocketbook! Take advantage of some temporary sale opportunities that we can offer you and some limited time pricing when we have access to software or hardware deals. When we see that there are security issues, we act and create a package that you can take advantage of fixing what needs to be fixed without bloating and inflating what could be wrong. We promise not to try to sell you anything you don’t need and any additional service packages to have you return.

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Service Rates

We don’t bury our rates under pages that you can’t find or not put them on the page at all. In fact, we are upfront with you! While we can’t always be exact when you bring us a problem on your computer as we can’t immediately diagnose what is wrong, we charge a 1 hour minimum of $70 and then in 15 min increments. If it can’t be fixed, it’s a $30 bench fee. We also offer specials to deal with things like virus removal when you purchase an antivirus or get your system tuned up. Data transfers and recovery are quoted and confirmed as needed. If anything additional comes up, we will contact you before proceeding with any work.

Onsite service is $90/hr and drop off/pickup service is $30

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