Virus Removal

Are you serious about your security? Discovery Computers is!

Virus removal is a top priority and focus for our technicians.

Most anti-virus software does a good job of alerting you to malicious files. However, some viruses now include programs that delete other malicious files that would alert your virus scanning software to their presence so they are free to infect without detection.  Some viruses are able to sleep during a virus scan or shut down the scanning system completely. The most sophisticated viruses will stop your computer starting or scanning while running windows in normal mode. This is more likely when there are multiple infections on your computer.  It is becoming more common that you may not even notice your computer has a virus, as cyber-criminals continue to undermine your security.

You should never assume your system is not infected because it runs smoothly.

However, in most cases, viruses can be removed with little or no damage!


The Signs Of Virus Infection:

  • Can’t Access Internet
  • Computer Running Slow
  • Operating System Errors
  • Slow Start-up
  • Computer Fails To Boot
  • Constant Pop-ups
  • Getting Error Message
  • Missing Files
  • Networking Problems
  • Printer Won’t Work
  • Disk Drives Inaccessible
  • Sudden Low Disk Space

Some of the more common malware and highjakers are: Conduit, Search Protect, Search Web, Yeabests, Hohosearch, Search Hub, QuickSearch, and Pop Bubbles Ads.

Discovery Computers will help keep your system virus free!