Drop off Service

Drop off Service available at our previous location at #550 – 2950 Douglas

We are happy to provide a convenient drop off service to our customers at our previous location Monday to Friday from 9-5 pm.  Daily pickups will be at the end of day and we will begin work on your computer at the next business day.  Pickup can be arranged at the same location or from our new location at 4186 Bremerton Street.

All drop off work must be paid by credit card over the phone if you are not picking up in person, no exceptions.

Here’s everything we you need to do and we will take it from there!

  • Bring us your computer and power cord if it is a laptop
  • Supply us your password
  • Provide us your name, phone number and email address
  • Describe as best as you can, what the problem is that you are having, when it started, and any important information that we should know
  • If you want specific work done, please ask for that.
  • If you want us to check in with you before doing something, let us know to do that.
  • Tell us if you can come pick it up in person at Bremerton or you would like it dropped off again.

When we have your work completed, we will let you know when it can be dropped off.  Pick ups and drop offs are done at the end of day.

Any questions?  Call us at 250-382-0424!