New location at 4186 Bremerton St – Drop off service now available at #550 2950 Douglas Street

Let Discovery Computers be your number 1 source for full-service computer maintenance, management and repair.

Our motto is “service, service, service” and our goal is your smooth and simple technology management.

Nobody copes well with technology that doesn’t work the way they want or expect. We TOTALLY understand that.

And we also TOTALLY understand technology, and are experts at making it work the way you want and expect.

With 20 years under our belts as a company, and a small, dependable crew with more than 75 years combined experience, we KNOW PCs… and we know how to make them sing.

Bring us your old, tired, limping computer – desktop, laptop, or even server rack – and we will breathe new life into it, shine it up, and get it back working for you”.

We also make housecalls. Our friendly, reliable, mature technicians will come to your home or office within 24 hours and get you back to work (or netflix).